laws & regulationspolicies, strategies, plans
from target 20, that officially proposed, adopted or implemented


institutionswith improved capacity
from target 20 institutions


million tonGHG emission reduction
from target 4.5 million tons CO2


from target 800 million of investment leveraged in US Dollars


million peopleget access to energy
from target 5 million people with access to clean energy

What is ICED?

The Indonesia Clean Energy Development II (ICED II) project began in 2015 and is the second phase of the United States for International Development (USAID) clean energy program in Indonesia. ICED II works with national and regional government agencies, the national utility (PLN), private sector project developers and suppliers, banks and financial institutions, and other stakeholders in opening the market for renewable energy projects and technologies in Indonesia.

Latest News

Indonesia warms up with lithium-ion battery innovations

8 October 2018

The development of electric vehicle (EV) technology in Indonesia is still in its infancy and hindered by the conflicting plans of decision makers. Until they come out with more workable plans, researchers are working on one of the most vital components: the battery. Even major EV players the United States, Europe and Japan, which Indonesia …

ICED II Electrification Data and Information Map (Indonesian only)

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