laws & regulationspolicies, strategies, plans
from target 20, that officially proposed, adopted or implemented


institutionswith improved capacity
from target 20 institutions


million tonGHG emission reduction
from target 4.5 million tons CO2


from target 800 million of investment leveraged in US Dollars


million peopleget access to energy
from target 5 million people with access to clean energy

What is ICED?

The Indonesian Clean Energy Development (ICED) is a continuation of ICED program that run from 2011. ICED support government, private sector and civil society in increasing the contribution of clean energy efficiency resources (renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation) in Indonesia. The technical assistance program is funded by United States for International Development (USAID).

Latest News

Request for Quotation RFQ-ICED2-2018-004: Procurement of Automatic Generator Control (AGC) System for Diesel Generators in East Sumba, NTT, Indonesia

14 August 2018

The Indonesia Clean Energy Development (ICED II) Project is a project funded by the USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and implemented by Tetra Tech ES. The purpose of this RFP is to provide a diesel generation control system within the scope of work of supply, installation and commissioning of an automatic generation control …

ICED II Electrification Data and Information Map (Indonesian only)

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