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ICED II and ASHRAE Third Workshop on SNI-ISO 16358-1

The third discussion series on energy efficiency standards for residential air conditioners (AC) on March 19, 2019 resulted in an agreement to create a working group for implementing cooling seasonal performance factor (CSPF) and determining the formula for minimum energy performance standard (MEPS) for residential air conditioners (AC). In addition, the discussion also aimed at developing CSPF calculation procedures and ...

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ICED Participation on SDGs Annual Conference 2018

Bappenas sebagai koordinator pelaksanaan Tujuan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan (Sustainable Development Goals atau SDGs) di Indonesia menyelenggarakan Konferensi Tahunan tentang Tujuan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan (SDGs Annual Conference) pada 17-18 Desember 2018 di Jakarta. Acara tersebut bertujuan untuk memberikan masukan kepada para perumus kebijakan dalam melaksanakan program-program pembangunan secara lebih baik demi mencapai target-target Tujuan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan (TPB) 2030 dengan melibatkan seluruh pemangku kepentingan. ICED ...

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Indonesia’s Utility and Regulator Learns about Power Purchase Agreement in California, U.S.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through its Indonesia Clean Energy Development II project (ICED II) is organizing Utility Executive Exchange Program (UEEP) for State Electricity Company (PLN) to visit California Public Utility Commission (CPUC), California Independent System Operator (CAISO), and Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) from August 11 – 18, 2018. The exchange program is also supported ...

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Utility Exchange Builds Indonesia’s Confidence and Capability

ICED II and USEA successfully held Utility Executive Energy Partnership (UEEP) Reverse Visit to Indonesia for officials from California and Hawaii’s power utilities and regulator on March 12-16, 2018. The objective of the visit was to further expand the opportunity for MEMR and PLN to learn, share experiences, and knowledge with representatives from key stakeholders of the power sector in ...

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Celebrating U.S. – Indonesia Partnership in Energy

On January 18, 2018, the first U.S. – Indonesia Energy Day took place. The event was co-hosted by Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the U.S. Power Working Group. The event celebrated partnerships that bring together American and Indonesian innovation and technology to deliver cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable energy to Indonesia. USAID ICED II represented USAID Indonesia to present ...

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