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Electrification Planning Training and Workshop in North Sumatra

12 March 2019

In collaboration with Indonesia’s State Electricity Company (PLN) Regional Office of North Sumatra, USAID Indonesia Clean Energy Development II (ICED II) held a training on “Electrification Planning Training and Workshop” from March 12-13, 2019 in Medan, North Sumatra. A total of 48 staff of PLN Regional Office of North Sumatra and Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) Office of North Sumatra took part in the training.

Providing electricity access in rural areas has been very difficult due to lack of comprehensive data on energy needs at village level and limited access to infrastructure. The Geographic Information System (GIS) maps with various layers of information such as electricity network and distribution of roads and buildings will greatly assist PLN Regional Office of North Sumatra in planning and developing regional electricity access and infrastructure.

The electrification training and workshop are aiming to share basic study on electrification that USAID ICED II conducted in 2016 and 2018. The study was about processing and use of electrification data and geospatial mapping in assessing rural electricity needs. The training and workshop will also update the electrification data and improve the electrification planning of North Sumatra Province. By the end of the training and workshop, PLN and EMR Office of North Sumatra will have better capacities in developing plans to electrify unserved areas, improving their quality of service, as well as improving management and transparency of data.

In addition, ICED II will also hold a workshop, “Guidelines for the Off-grid Solar PV Feasibility Study” that will contribute to strengthening the capacity of PLN and EMR Office of North Sumatra in preparing eligible sites for centralized (off-grid) solar PV projects in rural areas. This workshop will help understanding people’s real electricity needs and provide early understanding of feasibility study coverage so that the workshop participants can use the guidelines independently.

Alamsyah Siregar from the Planning Department of PLN Regional Office of North Sumatra gave an opening speech for the training.

“This workshop is our opportunity to improve our work in electrification planning. I wish USAID ICED II will keep assisting PLN North Sumatra to achieve our target, 100% electrification ratio this year.”

Tumpal Hutapea, Manager of PLN Electricity Development Acceleration Unit (UPPK) explained that the government and PLN are responsible for providing electricity access. Therefore, PLN will continue developing the electricity infrastructure.

The Head of Electricity Division of EMR Office of North Sumatra, Karlo Purba, also attended the workshop. Purba encourages the participants to take full advantage of this workshop and hopes that PLN can create a road map for electricity plan to achieve 100% electrification ratio in North Sumatra by 2020.

Retno Setianingsih, Senior Energy Program Specialist of USAID Indonesia emphasized that the collaboration between USAID and Government of Indonesia is important to create effective policy, develop regulatory framework, and incentives for clean energy development in Indonesia.