A Study on viable business scheme for battery-based electric vehicle (BEV)

16 March 2020

In a bid to improve energy efficiency in transportation sector and to reduce greenhouse gas emission, USAID Indonesia Clean Energy Development II (ICED II) project held a workshop on viable battery-based electric vehicle (BEV) business based on Presidential Regulation No. 55/2019 on the Acceleration of BEV Program for Road Transportation.

USAID ICED II has collaborated with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources’ Directorate General of Electricity and Directorate of Electricity Business Development to study the business scheme. The workshop on March 12, 2020 in Jakarta was attended by 80 participants from the Energy Ministry and state-owned electricity company PLN, as well as from transportation companies TransJakarta, Blue Bird, Gojek and Grab.

The Directorate General of Electricity said they looked forward to using feedbacks from related stakeholders in drafting the Ministry’s regulation on BEV. Wanhar, the Director of Electricity Engineering and Environment, was appreciative of USAID ICED II’s supports in facilitating the workshop.

Based on this workshop discussion, USAID ICED II will develop a study using international experiences and will also cover options like public charging station provider, renter, BEV credit and other models. The study will focus on ease and profitability for countries and communities in adopting BEV business schemes.