Energy Ministry introduces national competence standard on measurement and verification in energy performance

21 July 2020

On July 16, 2020, Directorate of Energy Conservation, Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR DG EBTKE) hosted an on-line socialization of the newly-issued Work Force Ministerial Decree on National Competence Standard of Measurement and Verification (M&V) in Energy Performance to related stakeholders. The Decree has just been issued on May 12, 2020, of which USAID Indonesia Clean Energy Development II (ICED II) helped preparing the draft during 2019.

The event highlighted the necessary follow-on actions on M&V to improve the implementation of energy efficiency program, for example the development of training and certification scheme for M&V professionals based on the national competence standard (SKKNI). In addition, MEMR DG EBTKE also shared the progress update on revision of Government Regulation (RPP) No.70/2009 on Energy Conservation. The RPP is expected to provide the legal basis for M&V professional certification and roles in Energy Efficiency projects.

USAID ICED II helped the development of SKKNI M&V draft by engaging various energy conservation stakeholders including energy managers, energy auditors, industry associations, profession associations, academicians, experts, and Profession Certification Bodies (LSPs). To roll out the Ministerial Decree and to promote development of professional assessment criteria based on SKKNI, MEMR DG EBTKE are holding series of socialization events. This event is the first socialization event that was attended by more than 43 participants. MEMR DG EBTKE is still planning the next socialization events, that might target industrial sector and local governments.