USAID Facilitates Training of Indonesia’s National Utility Staff in Using New Software for Reviewing Interconnection Study

30 August 2019

USAID through Indonesia Clean Energy Development II (ICED II) provided inputs to Indonesia’s State Electricity Company’s (PLN) guidelines for reviewing project developers’ interconnection study, which PLN recently launched formally as a regulation on Interconnection of Renewable Energy Generation to Distribution System. The guidelines ensure that electricity produced by renewable energy generation plants will not adversely affect PLN system in terms of safety, reliability and quality of power delivered from the grid. USAID ICED II supports PLN in rolling out the guidelines, for further adoption by PLN’s regional offices, by building the capacity of PLN staff in conducting renewable energy interconnection study review. The first batch of training took place in July 2019 with 53 participants, while the second and final batch of training took place from August 19-23, 2019, where a total of 49 PLN staff from various units and regional offices of PLN took part in the training. In addition, the training also introduces and develops the capacity of PLN staff with PSS SINCAL, a simulation software for analysis and planning of all power network types that PLN recently secured its corporate license. PSS SINCAL will help PLN reviewing interconnection studies in order to absorb more renewable energy into their system. During the training, the participants worked on a case study based on real interconnection study documents for biomass and biogas power plant. PLN staff will need time to master the use of PSS SINCAL, however the training helped them understand the overall review process of interconnection study and how the software contributes to the review. PLN Corporate University, as PLN training center, in collaboration with USAID ICED II plans to develop a training module on interconnection study review using PSS SINCAL.