Meets MELISA, a dashboard that monitors and evaluates Indonesia’s electricity access

21 July 2020

In coordination with the Directorate General of Electricity of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR DJK), on June 29, 2020 ICED II held a workshop on a platform called MELISA that monitors and evaluated evaluation of electricity access.

USAID through Indonesia Clean Energy Development II (ICED II) project presented three main dashboards of MELISA that cover energy access maps, data view, as well as data input on electricity access. MELISA has forest layer in the map, progress tracking on each steps of energy access program (from field survey to material procurement, power line construction until the operations of 20 kilovolt network), as well as a help desk.

A total of 100 staff of MEMR DJK and regional offices of State Electricity Company (PLN) participated in the online workshop. The workshop participants had the opportunity to use the platform and gave positive feedbacks on the dashboards.

MEMR DJK highly appreciated USAID ICED II efforts in mainstreaming geospatial approach in electrification planning, a distinct feature of MELISA.

Currently USAID ICED II is continuously refining the MELISA platform, to enhance the coordination among all electrification stakeholders and accelerate Indonesia’s efforts towards universal access.