PLN training on “Guidelines to Review Bioenergy Power Project Feasibility Study”

28 November 2018

In collaboration with Indonesia’s State Electricity Company (PLN), ICED II organized a training on “Guidelines to Review Bioenergy Power Project Feasibility Study” from November 21-23, 2018 in Belitung.

Indonesia’s State Electricity Company, with support from ICED II, developed “Guidelines Packages for Bioenergy Power Feasibility Study Review”. The guidelines cover three types of power plant technology that uses bioenergy as fuel i.e. biomass, biogas dan waste-to-energy technology.

These guidelines are instrumental for PLN, especially at the regional level, to help them produce better and more consistent feasibility study reviews of power plant project proposals from independent power producers.

During the training, participants from various regional offices of PLN learned about the actual use of the guidelines to assess real projects, requirement for interconnection, grid mapping, and different types of bioenergy projects.

A site visit to a 1.2 MW biogas power plant owned by PT Austindo Aufwind New Energy concluded the training. The power plant is fueled by liquid waste from palm oil processing or palm oil mill effluent (POME). A total of 30 select staff (24 male and 5 females) of PLN regional offices took part in the training.