Shared experience with California ISO

14 December 2018

State Electricity Company (PLN) and ICED II hosted a week-long visit of Dede Subakti, Director of Operations Engineering Services at California Independent System Operator (California ISO), in Jakarta from December 10 to 15, 2018.

Dede shared his experience and expertise from California ISO with regulators and utility. He spent time with Directorate General of Electricity (DJK) of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR), Java Bali Distribution and Load Dispatch Center (P2B) of PLN, and ASEAN Utilities Joint Maintenance Cooperation Committee (ASEAN JMCC). Dede also had a courtesy visit with PLN’s Board of Director and a chance to meet the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources.

The discussion with Dede shed many lights on two critical issues that affect renewable energy market in Indonesia’s power sector i.e. resource planning based on system operations of electricity power supply business plan (RUPTL) and accommodating variable renewable energy in transmission system operations, especially through revision of the grid code.

California ISO is the only independent grid operator in the western U.S. and a leader in integrating renewable energy generation with a broad power mix of traditional generators and advanced technologies that can quickly respond to fluctuations in wind and solar power production.

Dede is currently responsible for all Operations Engineering support and services in California ISO (CAISO). These includes performing resource adequacy, seasonal operating studies, outage coordination studies, day-ahead reliability analysis, real time operations engineering analysis, and developing operating procedures and tools along with other engineering needs to support System Operations of California ISO Balancing Area and Transmission Grid. He has been working for CAISO since 2009.