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USAID Mobilized Investment Tops $1.6 billion

As of March 31, 2019, USAID ICED II advisory services to 59 projects resulted in $1.6 billion in financing and 437.5 MW of installed generation capacity. Of the total investment, 68.5% came through advisory to PLN, 23.3% to financial institutions, and 8.2% to project developers. An additional 321 MW of the projects that reached financial closure are expected to be installed by year 2020-2021. The 437.5 MW of installed capacity will meet the needs of an estimated 3.3 million customers. USAID ICED II will conclude its technical assistance by end of June 2020.

USAID Supports Indonesia’s Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

Indonesia is fulfilling its commitment in reducing national greenhouse gas emission. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is developing guidelines to measure and report actions to reduce greenhouse gas emission, especially from the power sector. USAID ICED II holds regular virtual meetings with the Ministry to ensure progress during the COVID-19 pandemic.


A Study on Viable Business Scheme for Battery-based Electric Vehicle

In line with the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emission, Indonesia is welcoming the use of more electric vehicle, from electric motorbikes to cars. USAID ICED II supports the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in carrying out a study on a viable business scheme for battery-based electric vehicle. The study will focus on ease and economic benefits of adopting battery-based electric vehicle business schemes.


USAID Transfers Knowledge to PLN through Online Training

Amid the pandemic, USAID ICED II ensured transfer of knowledge to Indonesia’s State Electricity Company (PLN) through online training of trainers, where PLN trainers co-delivered the sessions. Throughout February until April 2020, both parties organized online trainings of trainers on evaluating bioenergy power projects and hydro power projects.


Drone Helps Hydro Project Developers Build Better Plants

Drones are more than a tool to shoot good-looking images. In renewable energy, the drones serve as cheaper, faster and more accurate method for topographic mapping in hydro power project development. USAID ICED II introduced this option to its stakeholders during a seminar in March 2020.




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