USAID ensures sustainability of a digital platform for access to electricity

19 August 2020

USAID through its Indonesia Clean Energy Development II (ICED II) facilitates server migration of MELISA 1.0, a digital platform that monitors and evaluated Indonesia’s electricity access. USAID ICED II developed this platform to mainstream geospatial approach in electrification planning.

The server migration also ensures sustainability and adoption of MELISA 1.0 by Directorate General of Electricity of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR DJK) and the State Electricity Company (PLN). USAID ICED II supports online hosting service or online server of MELISA 1.0 until June 2021. However MEMR DJK initiated migration process to a new online server as they are planning to use MELISA 1.0 in reviewing 2020 electricity access road map and in planning for 2021 electricity access road map. After considering several options, MEMR DJK preferred ICON+, a subsidiary of PLN to become the new host of MELISA.

On August 18, 2020, MEMR DJK invited ICED II to present the features and dashboards of MELISA 1.0 to ICON+ and PLN. ICON+ agreed to host the platform, pending clear budget allocation from either PLN or the ICON+ management. On August 24, 2020 MEMR DJK held a follow up meeting to initiate the migration process of MELISA 1.0 from current online server to ICON+ server. USAID ICED II shared specifications of MELISA 1.0 and qualifications of human resources required for the migration and further development of the platform. ICON+ will follow up the migration process with sending formal inquiries to USAID ICED II on other data and information required to ensure compatibility of MELISA 1.0 with their existing infrastructure and systems..

MELISA 1.0 platform will enhance the coordination among all electrification stakeholders and accelerate Indonesia’s efforts towards universal access of electricity.