USAID ICED II shares benefits of drones in topography mapping for hydropower projects

12 March 2020

Small hydropower project sites largely used theodolite or total station as tools in topography mapping. On March 11, 2020 in Jakarta, USAID Indonesia Clean Energy Development II (ICED II) introduced to its related stakeholders the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone as a lower cost, faster and more accurate method of preparing topographic map that is necessary for designing run-of-river hydropower projects. There were 80 participants from developers, consultants, contractors, government institution and State Electricity Company (PLN). The seminar discussed about practical application of using drone for topography mapping at three hydropower projects in South Sulawesi, West Java and North Sumatra with 5 MW installed capacity, comparing use of drone against conventional method and reviewing the technology for cameras such as red green blue camera and light detection and ranging (LIDAR). Senda Hurmuzan Kanam, Head of Sub-Directorate of Electricity Cooperation, Directorate General of Electricity, Energy and Mineral Resources stated on the closing ceremony that this seminar brought valuable information about technology that could help the government increasing the use of renewable energy especially hydro.