USAID trains utility and provincial government officials in rural electrification planning in South Sulawesi

5 December 2019

USAID through Indonesia Clean Energy Development II (ICED II) held a two-day training in Makassar from November 26-27, 2019 on rural electrification planning for 46 staff of the Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) Office of South Sulawesi and the State Electricity Company (PLN) Regional Office of South Southeast and West Sulawesi (Sulselrabar). The training consolidated and synchronized electricity access data from various sources. Village level data, organized geospatially by ICED II, supports the assessment of rural electricity system that the participants are expected to carry out. During the training, the participants learned how geospatial map improve rural electrification planning. Combining tabular data and geospatial maps to visualize electricity access data and identifying building clusters that can be served by micro/mini grids to design rural electrification systems. The training also provided a tool to engage key stakeholders in constructive dialogues and collaborative works toward expanding electricity access. Last, the training also strengthens the participants’ knowledge and skills on rural electrification planning. This training is part of a training series in electrification planning for South Sulawesi province. A related training workshop devoted to updating South Sulawesi’s spatial map of 20 kilovolt (kV) network and advanced electrification planning will take place in December 2019.