USAID trains utility officials to evaluate feasibility study of biomass power project

29 February 2020

USAID Indonesia Clean Energy Development II (ICED II) has developed guidelines designed to assist staff of State Electricity Company (PLN) to review feasibility studies of bioenergy (biogas, biomass and waste-to-energy) power projects from independent power producers. To roll out the guidelines and to promote adoption of the guidelines by PLN staff, USAID ICED II held a series of training. In order to ensure knowledge adoption within PLN, ICED II conducted series of training of trainers to train future trainers among PLN’s staff. The first training covered biomass power project feasibility study evaluation took place in Jakarta on February 24-25, 2020. A total of 20 staff from PLN regional offices took part in the training. The training provided useful reference documents and hands-on experience to use when reviewing and evaluating biomass project feasibility study.  After completing this training, the participants are expected to obtain sufficient knowledge on biomass power project technology, understand the business process of renewable energy procurement in Indonesia and able to apply the guideline in reviewing and evaluating future biomass unsolicited proposals from independent power producer (IPP) developers.