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Indonesia’s National Energy Plan Signed

29 March 2017

The President of Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, has signed National Energy Plan (RUEN) on January 23, 2017. The RUEN is a government policy on national energy management following the Presidential Regulation No. 79/2014 to achieve targets of Indonesia’s National Energy Policy. The RUEN provides a crucial foundation to achieve 23 percent of renewable energy account for Indonesia’s total energy consumption in 2025. It also serves as reference for national and local government, state-owned enterprise, and stakeholders to improve national energy security and equitable access to energy.

USAID ICED II has provided assistance to finalize Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning System (LEAP) modeling as the base for RUEN development. The project has also reviewed RUEN narrative for various sectors such as households, transportation, commercial, industry, and others. The signing of RUEN will also contribute to the roll out of Regional Energy Plan (RUED), which ICED II has actively supported through workshops, training of trainers, and other activities.

In terms of renewable energy business in general, the RUEN will provide formal foundation to boost the development of renewable energy business in Indonesia.